hi :)

henlo, i'm dau
i'm nonbinary
my pronouns are they/them and soft/softs
i'm a taiko player, photographer ², and all-around dummie
i play a dead old game

list of things i like(in no real order)

court reporting / stenography
3D printing
aura - .hack
blackrose - .hack
lycoris - .hack
zefie - .hack
kirby series
music tastes: lo-fi, j-rock, anime/vgm osts, webcore/dreamcore

dni criteria

chances are if you're reading this you can interact! however, understand that if we disagree on things that directly harm me or people i know, you may get blocked

if you:
think bi people have to pick a side
reclaim the t-slur(nothing against you, it just makes me uncomfortable)
think nonbinary people have to be slim and androgynous
don't support neopronouns

kindly do not interact :)